Thursday, November 1, 2007

Banksy, a boy with a pizza slice, and Dudley D Watkins

Banksy boy
Originally uploaded by Herschell Hershey
It was like Piccadilly Circus up at the new Banksy - a woman with a ten billion megapixel camera, a ladder, and a 4x4; a mum phone-picturing her boy; a pensioner stopping to admire the view. Everybody was happy. Up close, you can see that Banksy is deeply indebted to Oor Wullie.


  1. spoils it all for me when it's on the front of the times. i like the flower and all but the joy of it all has gone for me.

  2. Totall agree ally. When my mum has heard of a graffiti artist I like, it's time to move on...!

    Having said that I still enjoy seeing his new works but do feel he has effectively sold out.