Sunday, September 6, 2020

Cinematographer Christopher Doyle interviews cinematographer Christopher Doyle

When the cinematographer Christopher Doyle appeared at the Edinburgh film festival in 2008, he interviewed himself, because, he said, he would ask more difficult questions. Here are some of his answers.
On film school.
“Film school is only good for your sex life.”
On his remake of Psycho with Gus Van Zant
“A $24m art project” and “a celebration of shower curtains”.

On himself.
”The Keith Richards of cinematography”.
On lighting.
”You can’t light the desert.”
A useful Chinese maxim.
“Don’t go through the big head.”
On watching a film in a cinema.
”You start together and you end together and you do something else in between.”
On the usefulness of his answers.
”I may be wrong. The only people I talk to are models.”

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