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Showing posts from May, 2006


I wrote an extended version of my interview with Jane Birkin in which she talked about Serge Gainsbourg, motherhood, and the subversive legacy of Je T'Aime.

Grant Morrison, Animal Man, Bible John, And The Post-Modern Limitations Of Comic Book Superheroes

Barry and Stuart: Was Jesus A Huckster With Charisma, Or Were The Miracles Really Miraculous?

Bitter Jester: Richard Belzer on Munch, Seinfeld, And The Stage Manners of Rupert Pupkin

Nostradamus, Hallucinations of Hitler and Bin Laden, And The Future Of The Documentary

Forever Blowing Bubbles: 2006 FA Cup Final, Cardiff.

Nick Cave: Watching Bewitched, dreaming of Jeannie, in awe of Nina Simone

Video of Gram Parsons, courtesy of Phil "Road Mangler Deluxe" Kaufman