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Showing posts from April, 2007


I wrote an extended version of my interview with Jane Birkin in which she talked about Serge Gainsbourg, motherhood, and the subversive legacy of Je T'Aime.

Spider-Man 3: Stuck in 1962, Nostalgic For An Age Yet To Come

This Is England: A Summer Of Tainted Love, Buckaroo and The National Front

Phil Kaufman: Executive Nanny, Corpse-Rustler, Road-Mangler Deluxe

Reign Over Me: Adam Sandler In A Bob Dylan Wig, Waving Not Clowning

From Selling Soap To Number One: The Quiet Triumph Of Kate Walsh

Here It Is, Sex. Here It Is, Drink. Here It Is, Gambling: The Singular Vision of Photographer Albert Watson

Julie Burchill: The Pick'n'Mix Dorothy Parker, At Home In Brighton, Drinking Vodka Martini