Monday, March 13, 2006

Mr Ivor Cutler: a small memory of a pregnant pause

Reading the many tributes to the late Mr Ivor Cutler reminded me of a funny moment which occurred when I interviewed the great man in his home (see elsewhere on this site).
Before the interview began, there was a long preliminary in which - I guess - Mr Cutler worked out whether to trust his interviewer.
After a while, he offered to make a cup of tea, and disappeared into his kitchenette. From there, in that marvellously tremulous voice, came another question.
"Could you handle goats' milk?" Mr Cutler asked.
"Yes," I replied quickly, to noises of agreement from the kitchenette.
Mr Cutler spoke again.
"You look as if you could handle anything..." he said, leaving a pause hanging in the air.
"... except pleasure."