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I wrote an extended version of my interview with Jane Birkin in which she talked about Serge Gainsbourg, motherhood, and the subversive legacy of Je T'Aime.

The Waterproof Sexuality of Kylie Minogue: A bonus chapter not included in my book Alternatives To Valium

Simply The Red: a bonus chapter from my book Alternatives To Valium: How Punk Rock Saved A Shy Boy's Life

Alternatives To Valium, the book. What it's like and where to find it. Plus, get a bonus fanzine and badge.

James Grant of Love and Money: "We don't look like extras from Ben Hur and I'm comfortable with that."

Cinematographer Christopher Doyle interviews cinematographer Christopher Doyle

Alan Parker, from Nice One Cyril to Midnight Express. "I started making commercials. That was my film school."

A Southern Belle Dreaming of Fidel: the Freewheelin' Jessica Lange

Succession's Brian Cox on playing Logan Roy: "Hitler was a human being, Mussolini was a human being. Donald Trump, apparently, is a human being."

The Exquisite Good Taste Of Domino Records (From The Moment When The Arctic Monkeys Became A Thing)

In the fictional labyrinth of The OA (spoiler alert) the cure for death is doing the haka in the style of Pan's People